Home as fabric | Wednesday, 31 May 2017, 17.00-20.30

Wednesday, 31 May 2017, 17.00- 20.30  Dwelling / ASFA BBQ, Pireos Street 256, Program: http://asfabarbecue2017.weebly.com/program.html

Home as fabric

Home, a place of desires, fragrances, love, memories, dreams. A home on the move, hidden, silent, disturbed, vulnerable, in debt, smuggled.

The home, vulnerable as a fabric but also made of fabric.

Beloved yarns, ropes, fabrics, given as gifts by women at their meetings, the papers with the answers to the questions, photographs from the place of exile where father lived in the island of Makronisos, a letter that he wrote from a hidden home during the first days of the dictatorship, photographs from the “homes” of the refugees in Moria, a poem, a drawing, a embroidery piece, a piece of fabric, are some of the traces that compose the home as a fabric.   

In the area of its creation, the visitors are called to be hosted for a few hours, come into contact with those traces of inhabitance and loss and answer the questions.

Do you feel as your home the place where you live now?

In case you have left your home, what do you miss the most? Do you carry with you something that reminds you of your home?

Have you experienced violence at your home? From whom? How did you deal with it?

What does home signify for you?

How do you imagine your future home?

They are invited to bring with them at the place, a piece of their favorite fabric.

Hosting rules will be applied.

A project by Eleni Tzirtzilaki

Sound: Despoina Panagiotopoulou  The sound environment is a family meeting with my friends and close relatives at my grandfather ,s house Costantin in August 2015 at the memorial of my beloved grandmother Despina ,in the city of Kozani.In this house they lived most of their lives but originated by the village Fudouki –Asia Minor,with the death of my grand mother the houseclosed its doors after a celebration meeting together with the people who loved her.

Voice: Maria Kenanidou. Hymn of Love, first epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians.