HILLS AND FIELDS: Short talks about our life in the city. ‘Have you ever tried to hide? (workshop))


11-16 Μay 2022


Filopappou Hill/Pedion tou Areos/Stefi Hill/Lycabettus Hill/Polytechnic Street/ EIGHT / ΤΟ ΟΧΤΩ


A peripatetic public program on Hills and Fields of Athens invite us  to examine together the ephemeral habitations in public space under the current circumstances and explore the possibilities for intervention, resistance and joy. To reflect upon the emergent urban geographies and hegemonies and rethinking the relationship between art practice and mental health, architecture and pedagogy, poetry and urban praxis. A call for impromptu collective explorations in the public and in-between spaces of the city.

Performances, actions, discussions, talks, readings, picnic, interventions, walks and workshops for children and adults, seek to create a city-wide ephemeral intervention on Hills and Fields”; a call for repeated experimentations on the limits and uses of what is considered as the collective/shared spaces of the city.


FRIDAY 13 ΜΑΥ 2022

5:00 – 8:00 pm PEDIO TOU AREOS

Short talks for our lives in the city. Have you ever tried to hide? (workshop) Idea & Creation: Eleni TzirtzilakiMeeting Point: Entrance to the park from Alexandras, Statue of Athina*Registration is necessary at 8eightathens@gmail.com