Breaking the borders. Fotovolida.

Project in Mother Teresa square Tirana

Se hacer el camino par andar John Holoway.

The greek artistic architectonic collective perform an action in one of the three key points of Boulevard of Tirana, Mother Teresa square.The action consists of a one table laden with greek and Albanian food to which passerby are invited to sit and eat a meal prepared especially for them,to help the spontaneous discussion and dialogue on issues such as borders,public space and their use,ethnicity,poverty etc.. The discussion will be aided by a video made earlier in the historical center of Athens that tells of people,their stories,their experience and all the issues that can be addressed in the discussion in Tirana.

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Situazioni Urbane. No violenza Filoxenia.

Location: Koumoundourou Square.

The issues that interested us during the workshop that preceded the action concerned the public sphere with emphasis on immigration, borders, displacement, common resources, and social ecology. The workshop focused on human condition. The ways of interaction, and the exchange of cultures and ideas, are the ones that need to be studied on the opposite side of spatial segregation and xenophobia.

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Pie, transformed pastries

We participated in the Love Difference Pastries with the project «Pie, transformed pastries” which was the beginning of a dialogue on the occasion of the pastries in the wider Mediterranean region. Hospitality and sharing are two concepts that emerge through this project and, at the same time, define it. Especially the pastries, that is something more than the actual nutritional need, being this ‘something more’, shapes cultural relations either as dessert or as a treat or as an exchange. Continue reading