Walking on Filopappou Hill. Meeting at the abandoned kiosk of Dimitris Pikionis

“What did you do to Elefsina? What did you do to Ilissos and Kifissos rivers and to their holy waters? ‘Your sewage systems ends up in the rivers, you disposed the wastewater from your industrial plants inside them. I no longer see the altars of the gods on my mountains and hills, but only the offices and machines of your companies.” -Gaias Atimosis (1954)

Silent Walking on Filopappou Hill. Collective Reading at the abandoned kiosk of Dimitris Pikionis with a group of students from Kassel University (urban practice course) (Federica Menin, Laura Lovatel, Markus Bader, Stefania Tsigkouni).

On Saturday, May 23 at 18:30 Nomadic Architecture Network went on a silent walk on Filopappou Hill, at the route designed and implemented by Dimitris Pikionis (1951-1957), and then to the abandoned kiosk for a collective reading of his texts “Emotional Topography” and “Gaia Atimosis” as well as other texts of regarding the land, the landscape, Athens, and this project. It is a project devoted to the land, related to nature and the history of the city. Afterwards we shared the food we all brought.

This meeting is a protest for the land which is being destroyed, for the kiosk which is abandoned for years, aiming to its reopening as a meditation and rest space, and is opposed to any fencing of the hill, just like the attempt to fence Pnyx last January. (Recently an assembly of residents and activists took place to discuss the issues related to the hill,) it also points out the possibilities of a different mapping of Athens, suggested by some architects and residents many years ago and is supported by the city’s movements against the state of exception and any kind of gentrification.
Nomadic Architecture Network