Breaking the borders

Breaking the borders

Route: Kotzia Square-Omonia Square – Splanzia Square, Chania-Hackney Wick in London

An event is created through a video named “Crossing the borders. Routes in the historic center of Athens.”  The video is displayed simultaneously for two hours, at both squares, after the sunset.

The video was made following the accidental and its exaltations, through routes that took place, at different times, in the neighborhoods of the historic center of Athens. People and their stories, the events, the homeless, the stray dogs, the graffiti, were the guides of these routes. Our desire was to cross the boundaries of race, gender, nation, poverty etc… and the imaginary boundaries which are created in the neighborhoods of the center of Athens and increase the fear as well as to look beyond these situations.


Breaking the borders 05/04/2013 Διαδρομή: πλατεία Κοτζιά-πλατεία Ομονοίας –πλατεία της Σπλάτζιας στα Χανιά –Ηackney Wick στο Λονδίνο

The areas, that we walked, are Psyrri, Metaxourgio, Gazi, Gerani. Another route was the montage of the material by selecting the times and places of the walk in the city. This video is important to be shown in a public place and to create new urban conditions across space and time limits, a state of cohabitation of diversity in a square. The Nomadic Architecture Network is an open, research laboratory which
explores issues on the urban space, immigration, areas in crisis, displacement, gender, the relationship with communities.

This network deals with the city. Creates action-mappings through the movement, exploring the boundaries between architecture and art. Is interested in urban issues and the construction of spatial situations and events. The process is carried through the “body” of the city, the cooperation of different subjects, engaging each other, and involvement with the citizens’ communities. It has a nomadic character as interferes with actions at different spatial situations which transforms.

Walkers: Eleni Tzirtzilaki, Stefanos Chandelis

Montage: Maria Damkalidi